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Living Fully In Your Body is the best gift you can give yourself and others!

MyFemBody specializes in movement classes and experiential workshops that lead to new ways of being in your body, rippling out into a new way of being in the world.  Start your journey into a powerful new embodied life today.


It’s time to put an end to feeling burned out, turned off and frozen. It’s time to stop wondering why life doesn’t feel the way you hoped it would by now. It's time to enjoy a safe space to strengthen your body, mind and spirit while surrounding yourself with a uniquely supportive tribe of soulfully sexy sisters.  

Create My FemBody Journey

In Person Sessions

You’ll experience a combination of S-Factor,  yoga,  pole, and free dance classes where you’ll learn to strengthen and nurture your feminine body through an intuitive flow of body soothing sequences designed specifically for women.


Live Workshops Retreats

My FemBody hosts one day workshops and multi-way retreats curated to ignite your feminine radiance. You’ll feel truly worthy of your desires… giving you the spark to turn them into reality!


Virtual Online

Experience what life is like when you have a community of sisters who are just a screen away.  Move your body in the privacy of your home, avoid traffic and pop into a class when traveling.

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Ready to start making your desires come true?


  • A movement that sparks the flames of profound exploration, igniting your body.

  • Ways to LOVE yourself more so you start attracting what you want.

  • How to tap into your intuition and activate your sensual soulful self.

  • Steps that will fuel your journey from frozen to on fire in six weeks.

Connect With Community
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